Friday, June 02, 2006


If you go see this site I hope you find it interesting. The guy who made the blog just made up the cards. Take digimon robots and put them in cartoon-cards and you get z-cards. It's funny if you don't like digimon, if you do well... I hope you find them interesting. I like Lord of the Rings alot better this you know is weird but the pictures if you take a moment and try and figure which card this card came from then it's kind of interesting trying to find out which card it taunted. Check it out at, if you want real good cards go here. This is the official Lord of the Rings cards

Thursday, June 01, 2006

Lord of the Rings Cards

I used to collect them and I used to have alot of cards, I would duel with my friend Evan and we fell in love with the game so much we made up our own rules to make it better, bigger, and more challenging. We would have Lurtz out and a Balrog and when you put out one of the special balrogs so we say (it's a common card) you would have to put all other minions in the discard pile. Talk about discarding alot of cards, Evan did that to me and I had to discard like 15 cards. We are so called champions of the cards but now we stopped. We had alot of good cards by the time we stopped and the last package that Evan got he got Sauron. Exciting but he never used him in a duel ever.

Narnia Ads

I wonder why doesn't Narnia have any action figures, cards stuff to sell like Lord of the Rings? I mean when I was 10 I was collecting Lord of the Rings cards, and now I don't but I never see Narnia cards or action figures anywhere. I think they should but that is just me. I wouldn't buy it, but I know if I was younger I would.