Tuesday, May 23, 2006

New tips for the Third Age

All Health and Spirit PointsWhen you get to a save, save it and when you get off you have full health and spirit points Submitted By: Google

Secret area in the dead forestWhen you go into the forest with all those dead trees go past the second light altar then past the chest to the right go forward until a path entrance appears on the map. Go down the path & you'll be in a harbor filled with items. Submitted By: Taylor Gest

Good sword for BerethorTo start a good game with a very good sword for Berethor, do the evil mode of Osgiliath and save it on an early game. By doing this, you get the sword of Isildur, which has a 200+ damage rating. At the beginning of the game you can give at least 2,000 damage points from a normal hit with this weapon Submitted By: saigon101 aka Leo

Get 3rd Age Morgul Blade for BerethorAfter you've beaten the western moria level on the main title screen go to "more" and select Evil Mode. After you've done this select to play in west moria after a few battles as the bad guys you'll get to play as the insanely powerful Balrog of Nargoth. to win easily just use his pillar of wrath attack a few times. After you win you'll obtain the sword with 41 attack strength the strongest at this point! Submitted By: Bill Cox

Easy "Craft Item" skill pointsYou should be in Moria (or farther) to do this. Get into a fight w/ maybe 2 wargs and 2 Gob archers, have out Hadhod, Elegost, and the person who has the craft elfstone on which, in my opinion, is best as berethor. Have elegost do his bow skill of Arrow flurry (or just kill) on the wargs, then kill 1 of the gob archers. Now, have Hadhod cast stone wall on himself, then have him taunt the other gob archer. Now, just have the crafter craft items and the other ppl skip (until Hadhod's wall runs out, have him do it again). Do this really really long and w/ Elegost, keep using lembas on Hadhod (for his wall) and the crafter (for his/her crafting). Submitted By: Colin

Beating the Squid at The west Gate in MoriaAs you may know during battle once you have Hadhod (or more than 3) you can press L1 and change your players. So first use the water attack (under spirit powers) for Idria. Hadhod, spirit powers and the fire power. Change Berethor to Elegost and use Aimed shot in Ranger Attack. Repeat this whole thing and you will be successful. Submitted By: Matt Samansky

Sauron DefeatFirst, use 'Morgul Decay' On him. He doesnt resist. And use the Power that makes you immune to fearing. And With Hadhod, use That smashing thing.... Well. It makes Sauron Slower. And you can own him fast! Submitted By: Xaem

Evil ModeIf you ever run out of a certain very important item (such as Elf Medicines) and absolutely can't go on without them, you can play in 'Evil Mode' at the main menu and whatever items you earn in battle will be saved into whatever save you choose them to be saved in. Submitted By: DDMan

Defeating the BalrogAll you need to do to kill the balrog is to get Idrial's aura of the valor spirit attack and keep using it on herself and Gandalf and just keep attacking the balrog with Gandalfs bolt of the valor the balrog has about 70,000 hp and about 4000 ap Submitted By: JaMmY

Extra weaponsTo get extra elfstone, weapons, or items fight through one player and when you save after a certain checkpoint(like getting in to Moria) will unlock a chapter for evil mode by going to more. Play as the enemys and you have to fight the enemies you were fighting with before ( most of them) and once you beat all of them you get items, elfstone, or weapons.(You also can go back to areas before by traveling after you've beaten a chapter.) Submitted By: Shadow414

How to beat the Wacher easillyOk. First you should pick up stuff from all treasure chests you see along the way. Now if you are at the lake by Moria you will see a clip of Legolas and other elves shooting at orcs on the shore. But stop! Before that you should equip your guys with anything you have picked up and use it wisely. During the battle with the monster you should use your spirit powers and watch your and the creature's health. The Leaf Of Old Toby is great during the fight because it replenishes your health and spirit power points.(The Health Of A Creature Is Shown On Top Of The Screen When U Are About To Select And Attack It)


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